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Immunization: Schedule, Contraindications, Pros and Cons, and More

Even before the child is born, parents should find out what injections are given to newborns and make a joint decision about their need, because in the maternity hospital it will be necessary to sign either consent or rejection of them. Below you can find the immunization schedules for people of all ages and general recommendations on vaccination.

The Most Important Vaccine – HIB Protection

Many childhood infections have been defeated, but not all of them. Haemophilus influenzae type b still affects nearly 3 million children in the world annually, causing such severe purulent diseases as meningitis, pneumonia, sepsis, as well as some forms of otitis and arthritis. And about 386 thousand of these 3 million cases leads to death. HIB infection is transmitted mainly airborne. That is, the carrier of this bacillus sneezed on the bus, subway, store, or kindergarten — and the likelihood of a child to get…

The History of the First Vaccine

1796 was a turning point in the history of vaccination, and it is associated with the name of the English doctor – E. Jenner. While practicing in the village, Jenner noticed that farmers working with cows infected with cowpox do not suffer from smallpox. Jenner suggested that the transferred smallpox was a defense against human, and decided to experiment on a revolutionary time. He injected a blood of a cowpox to a boy and proved that he was gained the immunity to smallpox. All subsequent…