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Healthcare Workers for Vaccination

According to My Canadian Pharmacy statistics, every year about 40 thousand children, mostly of early age, become victims of influenza epidemics. Even more significant figures reflect the serious complications caused by the viral infection itself and the bacterial infections joining it. As a result, children are included in the weakened group, requiring increased medical attention, in some cases, the disease results in disability due to hearing loss, cardiovascular system condition.

With the advent of vaccination, the number of deaths and complications decreases every year. Though such a statistics there are opponents of vaccinations, whose arguments are based on the negative reaction of the body, especially children, to the vaccination itself.

Indeed, with the use of “live” vaccines, the risk of side effects from vaccination is somewhat higher: within 2-3 days the temperature may rise, you may feel unwell. Such vaccines with the “live” virus are used less and less: the effectiveness of inactivated formulations for vaccinations has become much higher, and the complications and side effects for inactivated vaccines without the virus are practically not found.immunization

Despite the efforts of pharmacological companies to predict the most active and dangerous strain, sometimes predictions do not come true: strains mutate during epidemics, in some years, the population affects at once 2 or three 3 of viruses.

The World Health Organization identifies vaccination as the only effective way to protect yourself and children from various diseases. Mass vaccination helps not to get sick. My Canadian Pharmacy staff constantly makes a vaccination to avoid any kind of health problems.

Regardless of age, physicians strongly recommend that vaccinations be given to adults and children from the following risk groups:

  • having diseases, malformations, dysfunction of the central nervous system;
  • in the presence of diseases and pathologies of the cardiovascular system;
  • with diseases of the blood and blood-forming organs;
  • kidney disease;
  • in a state of immunodeficiency, including those caused by medication;
  • with diseases of the endocrine system (with diabetes mellitus of any type).

According to My Canadian Pharmacy, the following arguments are considered positive for vaccination:

  • the vaccine “forces” the immune system to produce antibodies that protect the body from the most common strain of viruses;
  • the effectiveness of vaccination is 85%, that is, out of 100 children, 85 will not get sick at all, and the rest will suffer the disease much lighter.

Vaccination helps to protect the body not only from the virus itself:

  • when a disease occurs, the severity of symptoms is lower, and the chances of severe complications are reduced by 70%;
  • vaccination is not a mandatory condition, but, nevertheless, in most cases, it is offered free of charge;
  • vaccination can be done not annually, but when there is a high probability of influenza epidemics, which reduces the load on the body.