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About Us

About Us

My Canadian Pharmacy offers you to purchase high-quality drugs at low prices. Use the services of an online order and get the right medicine at any time convenient to you. The reliable pharmacy has quickly gained popularity among customers all over the globe due to a number of advantageous features. Today, our online drug store has the following advantages:

  1. loyal drug prices: high-quality drugs should be “affordable” for all segments of the population;
  2. reliability and responsible attitude;
  3. professional staff and excellent service.

Our pharmacy focuses on the flexibility of the mode of operation, a wide range of drugs of exceptional quality. There are many original and generic options; we have a rich selection of vitamin complexes.

All products are thoroughly tested for the presence of counterfeits, which does not allow low-quality drugs to go on sale. Products that are sold in our pharmacy undergo a state control system, and there are all necessary certificates of conformity.

Thanks to cooperation with various official distributors and manufacturers of drugs, we are able to set the most affordable prices for products.

We are responsible for each product sold and ensure compliance with the legal implementation.

It’s easy to place an order and we deliver orders in the short possible time. Here you can buy any means you are interested in quickly and simply, just go to our website, pick up a product from a wide range and place an order. Convenient, intuitive interface and the ability to search alphabetically makes ordering medicines easy even for people of retirement age.

You always have the opportunity to receive prompt professional advice from a specialist of My Canadian Pharmacy by sending a question via e-mail.

The main goal of our online pharmacy is to promptly assist people in the fight against various diseases and give recommendations on preventive measures. Our store ships orders to almost any country and all our clients know that we can combine high-quality products with low prices and excellent service!