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My Canadian Pharmacy: The Best Way to Buy Meds Online

My Canadian Pharmacy

My Canadian Pharmacy is a popular and reliable online drug store and a team of real professionals who know and love their job. We use advanced technologies of the pharmacy business, have a huge assortment of medications. The total range of meds offered reaches 3,000 items.

Our mission

We are a reliable pharmacy which meets the needs of people all over the world for medicines and products that improve their health and quality of life.

We provide:

  • a rich assortment;
  • compliance with quality standards;
  • promotion of modern pharmaceuticals.

We develop open and mutually beneficial cooperation with partners:

  • on the principles of reliability and professionalism in work;
  • striving for technological leadership.

We build our development on the basis of:

  • trust in employees and energy, initiative, the responsibility of each of them;
  • attention to personal and professional growth;
  • sincerity and friendliness;
  • honesty and transparency.

Our values

  • Customers. We are guided by the interests of customers and strive to meet and even exceed their needs and expectations;
  • Employees. The value of the company are our employees and their professionalism. We care about social security and fair remuneration for everyone’s work;
  • Team. We are one team. This means coherence and collegiality in decision-making, mutual aid, movement towards a common goal;
  • Responsibility. We remember the responsibility to the founders and business partners;
  • Improvement. We strive for continuous development, improvement and quality improvement;
  • Code. We are guided by the ethical code of our company in relations with the outside world and in a team;
  • Traditions. We honor and carefully treat our traditions and introduce them to new employees.

Advantages of our company

The popularity of My Canadian Pharmacy is the result of the following factors:

  • Low prices – Our price policy pleasantly surprises our customers;
  • Competent personnel – Employees of our online drug store are the basis of success. Systematic advanced training courses, training in new directions and specific products, field seminars and training allow specialists to keep abreast of the constantly changing pharmaceutical market and provide professional assistance to customers;
  • Wide assortment – In our pharmacy, you can find even the rarest drugs and various generics that cannot be found in city drugstores;
  • Quality of service – Employees of our company constantly undergo training, thereby improving their professional skills;
  • Proven suppliers. We work only with proven suppliers and directly with manufacturers – companies with multi-million turnover, having authority, valuing their business, name and quality. All products undergo the final inspection directly at the factory. Then we carry out entrance control in the warehouse;
  • Proper transportation conditions. We strictly comply with the conditions of transportation. We have our own fleet, the cars are equipped with special boxes with refrigerants to comply with the cold chain. The goods do not overheat, do not overcool and do not lose their properties during transportation;
  • Proper storage conditions. We strictly observe the storage conditions. We have our own licensed warehouse, which carefully maintains the temperature regime and complies with other requirements for the storage conditions of medicines. To deliver drugs to the buyer, a store needs to comply with a lot of conditions and invest in the creation of infrastructure;
  • Special control and audit department. We have created a special control and audit department, whose employees check compliance with the storage conditions, sanitary regime, service standards, etc.

Moreover, the pharmaceutical market is highly regulated. We are subjected to an insane amount of inspections. Each step of the pharmacists is regulated by a huge number of orders and standards that limit activity. It is difficult to come up with a business that is more controlled than ours. Of course, these endless checks are a big advantage and a guarantee of a quality purchase.

Our bestsellers

Our website offers you to buy products from the following categories Pain Relief, Antibiotics, Women’s Health, Antidepressants, Mental Health, Epilepsy, Anxiety, Sleep Aid, Blood Pressure, Asthma, Cholesterol, Weight Loss, Skin Care, Eye Care, Cancer, and others. But our most popular products are generic drugs for erectile dysfunction: Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra.

  1. Generic Viagra for men is the first and most popular drug for the treatment of impotence. This product helps thousands of men to get rid of sexual problems. Initially, Viagra was developed as a means of lowering blood pressure. During clinical trials, scientists noticed the unique ability of the drug to increase potency. The active ingredient of the drug is sildenafil. Generic Viagra is approved and distributed worldwide. This is an exact chemical clone of the branded medication. Therefore, it has the same composition and action as the original. But its price is several times lower than the cost of brand-name Viagra. The drug will help you if your intimate problems are of organic, psychological and mixed origin;
  2. Generic Cialis is characterized by full compliance with the original drug in composition and properties, but it is much cheaper and is produced mainly under the name Tadalafil. The active ingredient of the drug is tadalafil. The drug is available in tablets of various dosages. You should buy generic Cialis if you suffer from impotence of both mild and severe degree. Clinical trials have proven the effectiveness of the drug for any degree of erectile dysfunction. If you decide to buy this remedy, the price in MyCanadianPharmacy will pleasantly surprise you;
  3. Generic Levitra is a popular and effective drug to combat sexual impotence. The drug successfully competes with its counterparts. The effectiveness of Levitra is significantly higher compared with other similar ED drugs. Its safety has been proven through multiple clinical trials. It is used for the treatment of impotence and erectile dysfunction, in which a man cannot achieve an erection and maintain it. The drug enhances sexual arousal and causes a stable erection. Despite the fact that the medicine appeared quite recently, it managed to get a significant number of favorable reviews and to get fans. If you need Levitra, you can buy it online in our online drug store. The active substance of the drug is vardenafil. It is characterized by rapid absorption and penetration into the blood, due to which the effect of the drug appears in 30-45 minutes after administration. Because of its efficiency and quality, the price of brand-name Levitra is very high, therefore not every man has the opportunity to purchase it. But do not be upset. There is a way to save money – you can buy generic Levitra online. Its composition and effectiveness are no different from the original drug but the price is much lower.

Basic search types

Our online pharmacy is a modern project that allows you to order the drug quickly and confidentially. Medical information is attached to each position present on the site. Before buying tablets, you can check the manufacturer’s recommendations and then place an order. You can buy medicines in seconds – it’s very convenient!

You can search for drugs using:

  1. Search bar. Just enter the name of the product in the search bar, select the drugs and place an order;
  2. Drug categories. We have divided all products into categories according to the condition they are used for. Using drug categories, you can quickly find the right preparations and buy them at a low price.

Quick and convenient order

Each city has many pharmacy points. It is simply impossible to go round them all in search of the necessary medicines at the best price. Using our website, you can immediately find the desired product, get all the information on it, and place an order online. The search for drugs will require a minimum of time. We cooperate only with reliable companies and have a certificate of quality for each position.

Are you interested in the availability of drugs in our store? Would you like to order rare drugs? You can do all this on our website! Our consultants will answer all your questions online or by phone. Hurry to find cheap medications and order home delivery! We do our best for you to be satisfied and healthy!

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